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Welcome to Tropical Racing!

When Tropical Racing was first established in South Florida, our goal was to create a racehorse syndicate business, as well as a Membership Club, that would be second-to-none in the industry. Not only did we provide our partners with local discounts to restaurants and hotels, but also to 5-Star Hotels and dining establishments around the country. We secured discounts to stores, local business, and so much more, as part of the Membership Club packages.

It has always been important to Tropical Racing to make sure our members receive the high-end experience of Membership and racehorse ownership with luxury suites and private boxes, and time at the track to see their horses run and win.

Over time, Tropical Racing has developed into so much more than our original startup in South Florida. Our priorities are focused on the most important part of horse racing – securing GREAT horses. Originally a local operation, Tropical Racing has now expanded the business with not only local but also national and international racing. Although the added membership bonuses of discounts and beautiful hotels are wonderful, it is important that we continue to grow and maintain our focus-driven approach – to become a leader in the industry!

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Next Level Future!

Our future goal is to take Tropical Racing to the next level of becoming public. By doing so, we will continue to build relationships with corporate America by partnering up with strategic partners on national and international levels.

At Tropical Racing, we believe in transparency and integrity in a business that is face-paced and exciting, while always staying focused on winning for our horses, our investors, and our partners.

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Circle 8 Ranch

Tropical Racing is Expanding!

Tropical Racing is a corporation that continues to expand by purchasing and starting new divisions within the industry. This gives us the advantage over most competitors vying for the same market share. We have recently developed Circle 8 Ranch, which holds and operates our racehorses in Kentucky. Circle 8 Ranch has 200 acres of lush land, as well as a 5/8 track, and a 5/8 all-terrain gallop track. In addition to training, Circle 8 Ranch is where our broodmares, weanlings, and yearlings reside. We have also expanded the operation to include Pinhooking with the goal of purchasing weanlings and yearlings that are marketable to be sold with a solid return on investment in the future.