Get answers to our most frequently asked questions

Education is a big part of our ownership experience! We encourage you to review our FAQ carefully and to also reach out to us with any other questions you may have.

What is a racing partnership?

A racing partnership is an opportunity for people to invest into racehorse ownership while reducing financial risk by pooling monies with other investors.

What type of partnerships are available?

Circle 8 Ranch offers two different partnerships to suit the goals and budget parameters of different investors. The first is a racing partnership based on one horse, and the second is a pinhook partnership for the purchase of young horses with the intent to sell them after a period of time.

What’s the cost of owning a racehorse?

The percentage of costs is based on the percentage of ownership.

What are the benefits of a partnership?

Ownership equals fun and excitement, social aspect, great tax advantage, more information please contact us.

How are horses selected?

All horses chosen by Tropical Racing and Circle 8 Ranch undergo an exhaustive diligence process, that includes a veterinarian check, conformation assessment, and value assessment that includes pedigree analysis, race history, remaining conditions, as well as several other factors that determine the fair market value of a horse. Only horses that these stringent requirements are chosen as part of our stable.

Who makes the decisions regarding the horses?

At Circle 8 Ranch, our management team works directly with the owners when it comes to decisions about the horses. The owners all have a say in major decisions, however, in the event of an emergency, the management team will make the decisions acting in the best interest of the owners, as well as the horse. Typically, our trainers will make racing decisions as they are the experts and have the most comprehensive knowledge as to when and where to run the horses.

What do the partners actually own?

Each partner owns a percentage of the horse, which includes everything the horse earns such as the percentage of purse earnings, sale proceeds, and breeding rights.

How do I earn money?

Members of the Circle 8 Ranch racehorse partnerships earn money in two different ways. First, each partner earns a percentage of the purse when the horses finish in one of the top five in a race. Second, the partners earn additional money if the horse is claimed or sold privately.

What if my horse becomes a stallion or a broodmare?

The good news is that you are a share owner in the horse even after the horse retires, if he becomes a stallion, or if she becomes a broodmare. You continue to own a percentage of the horse until the horse is sold.

How do I get started?

Before you make any final decisions on investing in a partnership, we would like to talk with you in detail to realize your goals and budget parameters. From there, we would generate a partnership agreement for you to sign, and then you are off to the races!